About Me

My passion for games started out at an early age with the NES, tabletop games, and whatever I could come up with to pass the time with friends and family. As I grew older I began to take a more critical look at my favorite pass time. Deconstructing games, figuring out how and why things were built became just as important to me as playing the games. I began to get just as excited for any look behind the curtain of how games were made as I was for exciting new titles. I began learning everything I could about making games on my own and eventually decided to make a career out of my love for games and registered in the UCF Digital Media Game Design track.

Through my time in UCF, Gaming, and previous work experiences, I’ve learned the importance of communication and organizational skills. Whether it was my first time running a guild, working as a team member or team lead, I have learned that nothing makes or breaks projects faster than poor communication and planning. As such, I strive to organize projects to the best of my ability and work with teammates to make sure projects stay on track and are completed to the best of our abilities. Resolving conflicts as amicably as possible, taking the time to overcome language barriers, and coordinating design with team members of different disciplines are among the key skills I have developed over the years.

I’ve always been a competitive person with big goals. When I commit to doing something I don’t just want it to be good, I want to be the best. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and if someone is struggling on my team I do what I can to help them. As for my goals, I aim big, but break down these big goals into small tasks that can be accomplished. Most importantly, I aim to create high quality experiences for customers to enjoy.