Reclaimer: The Crucible

Earth is dying. The PAC are invading. And Gabriel will do anything to protect his family.

The plan was simple: Evacuate the city, enlist in the Tactical Armor Corps, and stop the invasion. Easy, right? 

Things rarely go according to plan.

When his city falls, Gabriel discovers how unprepared he truly is.

Recruited into the Reclaimer project, Gabriel must survive a brutal selection process. Deadly traps lurk around every corner, and survival comes at a steep price. One threatening to break him.

When success marks him for death, Gabriel fears he’ll become another statistic…

Experience the apocalyptic beginnings of Gabriel’s journey from fresh recruit to hardened soldier in the Legacy of a Dying World series, a gritty, military sci-fi epic set upon an apocalyptic planet. Perfect for fans of Warhammer 40k, Galaxies Edge, and Ruins of The Galaxy.

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A simple op gone to hell. A killer hurricane. An unrelenting enemy at the gates. 

Lieutenant Michael “Rook” Lugo is a shell jockey, a Navy Tactical Armor pilot. One of the best.

When his squadron is pulled from the front lines to secure a routine evacuation, he knows something’s wrong. A squadron of sixty-foot-tall mechs, each with enough firepower to level a city just to keep civies safe from a storm? 


Command’s silence is the only warning a jock gets sometimes.

Michael Lugo has one job: Hold the line or die trying.

Grab this explosive, mecha sci fi short set in the Legacy of a Dying World universe today! Perfect for fans of Gundam, and Armored Core.